Glucly is a new beautiful iOS and
Android app for monitoring diabetes

Main features

  • Time

    When creating an entry, specify when you made the measurement—before or after a meal—and the type of meal: breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner.

  • Sleep

    Choose whether you measured blood sugar before going to bed or after waking up. See how rest affects your glucose level.

  • Finger Used

    Never prick the same finger twice in a row by recording the finger you used when creating a measurement entry.

  • Medication

    If you’ve taken your meds [made an insulin shot or took a pill], note it down when recording a measurement—see if your prescribed drugs are working. You can also set reminders for taking your meds.

  • Sport

    If you’ve been exercising before making a measurement, record the exercise duration and see what effect it has on your sugar levels.

  • Mood

    Record the mood you are in when making a measurement. Track how you feel on a regular basis and check whether your treatment plan is working.

  • Weight

    Your weight is an important metric to follow when treating diabetes. Record your weight along with the measurement and track its development in time.

  • Notes

    Have you eaten something extra sweet today? Make a note about it explaining a higher-than-usual sugar level. Or note down anything else worth mentioning about a measurement.

About Glucly

Glucly is an all-in-one, easy-to-use application for monitoring and managing the treatment of diabetes, designed for everyday day use by people with any type of diabetes.

When recording a glucose level measurement, you can provide additional information, like the time of measurement, how long you’ve exercised and the meds you’ve taken before the measurement, the finger you used, and more.

Glucly then analyzes your glucose levels along with the additional information you've provided and computes smart statistics for you that help you and your physician better understand how various factors like sleep, exercise, and specific medication influence your blood sugar levels.

Track your glucose levels in time, determine what works and what does not, and cope with your diabetes in the most efficient way.